Joint stock company Lithuanian Airports, which controls Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga airports, introduced the zero tolerance policy towards corruption and abuse in order to ensure the transparency and publicity of its operations. The main purpose of the policy is to prevent the occurrence of corruption and its development in the company's operations, eliminating the gaps in the legislation, procedures and other areas, preventing the company's employees’ potentially unlawful actions, which may result in creating conditions for corruption.

With a view to carrying out the corruption prevention policy a system enabling to report, anonymously or in person, any cases with the elements of corruption or abuse in the company's operations was developed. Lithuanian Airports invite to use this system upon noticing cases where the company's employees perform their official duties improperly or abuse them, seek personal benefit in working relations, increase the granted powers, misappropriate or waste the company's assets, disclose the official or commercial secrets, perform the acts with the elements of bribery or graft. 

Information can be reported by e-mail . Lithuanian Airports guarantee absolute confidentiality and ensure anonymity of data. When reporting a possible violation or act, please specify its place and time as accurately as possible, provide the available information on the violator (name and surname) and briefly describe the nature of the violation. We would appreciate it you could specify your contact information and whether we can contact you, however, it is a freely chosen right, and not an obligation.

Lithuanian laws prohibit slander or false accusation of a person with committing a criminal offence – criminal liability may be applied to such actions.

The system for reporting abuse or corruption cases will become another tool, contributing to transparency of Lithuanian Airports’ activities and implementation of the company's values – responsibility, unity, enthusiasm and innovation. The employee’s Code of Conduct reflects the company's system of values and ideology.

Last updated: 2023 09 04