Vilnius Airport Conference Centre

The new Vilnius Airport (VNO) Conference Centre is a modern 520 m2 space for events, offering our guests a unique view of the northern apron of Vilnius Airport. During the events, you will be able to watch the impressive take-offs and landings of planes through the large windows of the Conference Centre and see all the operations taking place at the airport up close.

This modernly equipped space can be transformed and divided in different ways according to the customer's needs, for example:

  • in theatre style - 300 seats
  • in theatre style - 170 seats
    (by separating half of the hall)
  • for banquet or gala dinner - 200 seats

Next to large windows overlooking the apron, the Conference Centre also has a lounge-type leisure area, where you can relax.

We have made sure of the possibility to use the most modern video, audio and lighting technologies in your events and enjoy their convenient control.

When planning the lighting, we sought to make it perfect for both, a formal event - a conference, presentation, presentation, and the evening part of the event – a dinner, buffet, banquet, cocktail party, dance competition or album presentation. Lighting in the Conference Centre is easily controlled using a tablet with built-in applications for convenient control. In total, as many as 62 special lighting fixtures have been installed in the conference hall.

During the event, we will offer the use of two Epson Laser Full HD projectors, which can be used depending on how the event is planned. Impeccable sound quality will be ensured by professional JBL speakers, complemented by more powerful IG3T loudspeakers and subwoofers. The entire sound system is designed to be easy and convenient for everyone to operate.

The Conference Centre has a comfortable space for food vendors, where your chosen vendor can comfortably prepare for an incoming coffee break, lunch or dinner.

In addition these advantages, we will offer the guests of the Conference Centre other ones, which are included in the rental price of the Conference Centre hall:

  • Eighteen parking spaces during the event;
  • All the necessary multimedia equipment for your messages;
  • Wi-Fi wireless internet access;
  • Necessary furniture (tables and chairs);
  • Air conditioning system;
  • Convenient room for simultaneous translation;
  • Cloakroom

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