SE Lithuanian Airports operates 3 international airports in Lithuania: Vilnius Airport (VNO), Kaunas Airport (KUN) and Palanga Airport (PLQ). During 2022, we had a combined 5.35 million PAX and over 50 thousand international flights in our airports (6.54 million PAX and over 50 thousand flights in 2019). Lithuanian Airports are among the leaders of recovery in Europe: Kaunas Airport is already reporting higher PAX numbers than in 2019 and we expect full PAX and flight recovery in our network in 2024.

We believe that a strong supporting ground transport infrastructure is critical to sustaining further growth, so we are currently looking for an experienced parking operator to take over and improve our existing parking lots.

Lithuanian Airports has launched a lease tender of their parking lots in VNO, KUN and PLQ. The lessee will be responsible for providing parking services in short-term and long-term parking lots, including taxi, public transport, and shuttle bus parking activities in all 3 airports. More information can be found here: Lithuanian versionEnglish version

Tender objects

Parking lots in VNO:

  • Multistorey P4
  • 3 long-term car parks
  • Central zone parking after reconstruction in 2024. 

In total: 22 600 sq. m. (40 200 sq. m. in 2024 Q4) and 1 000 (1 350 in 2024 Q4) parking spaces.

Parking lots in KUN:

  • Short-term car park 
  • 2 long-term car parks 
  • Land plot for expansion of 16 200 sq. meters (optional) 

In total: 49 100 sq. m. (59 100 sq. m. in 2023/2024) and 1 270 (1 470 in 2023/2024) parking spaces.

Parking lots in PLQ: 

  • 2 short-term car park 
  • 2 long-term car parks 

In total: 19 500 sq. m. and 470 parking spaces. 

Important preliminary tender dates

*VNO short-term PC reconstruction will endure from 2024 January to 2024 October


See the presentation below for more information:

For more information and documentation please visit our website: Lithuanian versionEnglish version

In case you have any inquiries please contact service development manager Agnė Mažuknaitė via [email protected]  

Last updated: 2023 03 29